17 de junho de 2006


Você não fala...
Seus olhos revelam mais do que deseja...
Uma brecha na caixa preta ...
Por isso sou teimosa.

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look up the number disse...

Apenas um simples olhar revela o que palavras, textos, um livro inteiro não podem revelar: aquele sentimento verdadeiro que não se explica com palavras. Ele é para ser sentido intensamenteem todas as suas formas. Ele se chama amor.
Um olhar pode explicar muitas coisas, é só perceber. Ele é revelador.

Seu blog fica melhor a cada dia.

T disse...

Why is it so hard to fell like this ? Can you tell me ?
It hurts so much inside. Sadness, madness ... Feels like you`re going away ... Forever !!!

The HEART is the Villain ... It is the only responsible for all the pain of love you feel.
LOVE makes our heart beat faster and faster everyday. Until it come a day when it will suddenly stop. This is when you realise that your LOVE is no longer yours ... Now it belongs to someone else.

But your MIND takes control and makes your heart beat again. Not with the same strength as it was before, but it will be back to life again. But its just to make fun of you. It comes back so that every time you hear that song, see that movie, it will remember you of your dead love and it will hurt. It will hurt so bad you will wish do die. But why does your heart doing it ? Just for fun ... Just to show our, so called, "wise mind" WHO IS IN CONTROL !!!

You will try to live your life the better way ... To hide from your own heart (and from that DEAD LOVE). And put all those memories behind. But at what price ?
How can we live without true, beautiful and painful LOVE ? Trying to find another one ? Maybe ... But don`t fool yourself. TRUE LOVE IS ONLY ONE !!! And it will haunt you until the end of your days.

We will live hoping that happiness will come one day ... For all of us ... Even if it has to be in the end... In the other side ... When our eyes shut close ... Forever ...

edy disse...

Cagar é uma coisa profunda
a bosta bate na agua
e agua na minha bunda!